What if Whatsapp adopts a crypto?

Would it become the new money?

Posted by CoinmarketMap on November 7, 2018

I think this is going to happen, only question is when.

In that moment whatsapp will rise in the stock market and banks will come down.

Why do I think that? Whatsapp mesages are already encrypted

Another question would be if a new crypto would be created, they would use one or more of the current existing ones...

As you can appreciate I write as I think, that's why this article does not have any order.

Every user with a phone has whatsapp installed and the icon is in the frontpage

Restaurants, Bars cafes, can forget about cashing machines and use any phone to get tha bill paid

Not to mention tips in the US be give through this method...

Endless posibilities, to summarize think of this App: Coinbase + WhatsApp

Take Care.